Imperial Brett Saison

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More than two years ago, we brewed a robust and expressive beer with wild Brettanomyces yeast. After the fermentation processes were done, we put it in oak barrels with a rich history.

This is how a cosmopolitan beer was born: Belgian style, wild yeast and American oak. It is not surprising that Saison is still quite rare variety of beer. We had to put in a lot of effort and wait for two whole years for it to turn from a rough teenager into a subtle aristocrat.

Although the yeast is cultured, it retains much of its wild character and the acidity typical of wild yeast. However, the years in the oak prison have taken their toll: the taste has become soft, velvety, full of dried fruit, exotic spice undertones, and a bit further, you can sense - quite unobtrusively - the traces of smoky whiskey that has been in the oak prison before. Each sip is filled with new discoveries and previously unseen combinations of luxurious flavors.

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