Craft Beershine Batch 2

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Just as perfumers make essences from luxurious flowers, we, with the help of Gintaro Sino distillery, gave our drinks another form. Since the last batch was very successful, we decided to try something more daring this time and used brighter flavors, including a lot of fruity beers, which made the final product feel light and fresh.

Many unexpected, completely naturally born aromas intertwine into one luxurious bouquet. Nothing harsh, just fruits, berries and flower blossoms. Not too far behind is the taste, which is pleasant and has nothing to do with the high ABV listed on the label.

Of course, this is a very limited edition and the only one of its kind, because each batch is unique and unrepeatable. Therefore, if you want to add an exclusive drink to your collection, now's a great time to do it.


Volume: 0.5 l
Strength: 46%

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